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Add a Hand-Written Card (Basic)

Add a Hand-Written Card (Basic)

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Do you want to add that special note or message to your gift basket? 

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  1. Write a message - and hit add to cart
  2. We will hand-write your message onto a basic card of our choosing
  3. Gift recipient's name hand-written on exterior of envelope (envelope included free)



We are a premium service of 


These baskets are backed by our legendary 'replacement guarantee'

The books you purchase in these baskets are 'rescue' books that were marked to be destroyed(but they look so nice, you'll think they are new!).  Our packaging material is made by us from 100% recycled books and will degrade naturally in the environment.  Every basket you buy reduces your carbon footprint, contributes to childhood literacy, and creates a more sustainable future for our planet. ♥

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